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mushroom growing light


It's commonly known that mushrooms will most likely grow in a dark and moist environment, but what if we told you that the proper amount and type of lighting can help produce mushrooms in better shape and color? A grow light for mushrooms is a type of LED light specifically designed d on a mushroom’s growing pattern. Mushroom growing light provides farmers with the ability to customize light spectra, energy efficiency, heat control, and flexible lighting schedules. These benefits result in mushroom growth enhancement, cost savings on energy, and consistent lighting conditions for uniform and high-quality mushroom production.

The reality of mushrooms is that they do not need complete darkness to grow, although they are known to grow faster in a darker environment than in a bright light environment.


Hontech Wins provides an advanced mushroom growing light solution to help you grow a better mushroom. Hontech Wins LED light for mushroom growing provides perfect lighting for mushroom growth even in an environment of 98% humidity, steaming, chemical processing, and high-pressure water jet washing.