poultry farm lighting system


cow lamp



Cattle's light reception occurs in the eye's retina. Cattle light inhibits an enzyme used in melatonin synthesis in the pineal gland. When cattle's eyes receive light, some special chemicals, for example, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1)'s level of concentration, will decrease significantly. Scientists believe that this act will have various effects on cows' growth and milk production.

Since cattle have a wide field of vision and have well-developed but unpigmented eyes with a blue-reflecting tapetum that improves vision in low light but causes poor sensitivity to color variations in short to medium wavelengths, even in good light conditions, Hontech Wins provides the perfect cow shed lighting solution for all dairy farms to help them produce quality dairy products. Our cow lamp delivers light with short or medium wavelengths and long (orange or red) wavelengths, which are more receiveable and responsive by cattle because they have poor depth perception.