poultry farm lighting system


light for laying hens


Why 2700K is the best color temperature for the Layer?
As chicken s see more of the visible light spectrum than humans, the spectrum of chicken coop led lighting should be different from commercial lighting. The Poultry light is composed of red, blue, and green colors in one light, which can help chickens grow healthy and enhance egg production.

·Blue color keep birds clam, reduces the feather pecking of chick.

Hontech Wins has helped many customers increase their sales value and got good feedback from the poultry farmers. Experience and more requirements in the poultry farm project impel Hontech Wins to continue to develop products which more suitable for chicken growth.

Different colors have different functions: Blue color keep layers calm and reduces the feather pecking of chick; Red color increases food intake, enhances egg production, activates movement, and accelerates sexual development; Green Color increases growth rate at an early age by enhancing proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells and increase the egg quality.

This LED light spectrum is Hontech-wins specially designed for layers/laying hens.

Hontech Wins LED chips 2700K/Full spectrum producing by combining a red LED with blue and green phosphors.